Here are the latest news from the 2016 IKA Kiteboarding World Championships (27)

New governance model for kiteboarding expression disciplines agreed between IKA, World Sailing and GKA Featured

World Sailing, the world governing body for the sport, the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and the Global Kitesports Association (GKA) have today signed an important memorandum of understanding to record a new governance structure for Kiteboarding.

Kiteboarding on water is a discipline of sailing, and as such falls under the jurisdiction of World Sailing, which is the International Federation for sailing in all of its forms recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Associations of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) and Sport Accord.

As part of World Sailing's responsibilities, it seeks to protect the rights of all Kiteboarding stakeholders by ensuring that events take place within the structure of the rules are run to the appropriate standards for the benefit and protection of riders.

The IKA will under World Sailing's Constitution and Regulations remain fully responsible for the racing, first past the post, disciplines of Kiteboarding.

The GKA will be sanctioned by World Sailing to run World Championships and World Cup events in the Kiteboarding expression performance disciplines of wave, strapless freestyle, big air and twintip-freestyle and slider/obstacle events. As part of the Special Events Agreement between World Sailing and the GKA, World Sailing can authorise the GKA to allow other professional event organisations to run events in the expression disciplines on its behalf.

Under the MOU, the IKA agrees not to run, organise or sanction world level expression performance events or competitions now governed by the GKA but remains responsible for the pathway and development as well as events on continental level and below.

World Sailing, the IKA and GKA will work together and fully co-operate to actively promote the united disciplines of Kiteboarding under World Sailings umbrella, avoid calendar conflicts and further develop the various disciplines within World Sailing.

Andy Hunt, CEO of World Sailing said, "I am delighted that the IKA and GKA have come together to agree a new united structure for the governance of Kiteboarding. We look forward to working with both organisations to support the growth and development of this exciting and dynamic part of our Sport".

Mirco Babini, IKA President added that "establishing a strong and healthy partnership between IKA on behalf of its national member class associations and the GKA under World Sailings umbrella finally unites the sport to the benefit of the competition riders worldwide. With clear responsibilities and the pathway provided for all disciplines of our wonderful sport."

Dr. Jörgen Vogt, Secretary General of the GKA was emphasising "the GKAs' objective will always remain the long-term growth and best interests of the sport. The GKA looks forward to work in harmony and good faith together with all kitesport stakeholders - especially with the athletes - to build a positive and inclusive culture."

Martinez crowned Double World Champion after Big Air tiebreak, Magaji takes out the women's Big Air World Title Featured

Sunny calm weather graced the skies over Porto Pollo Sardinia for the final day of competition, however since the competition had been completed the days previous, competitors had a great chance to check out the surrounding area and take in some of the beautiful scenery this country has on offer. Some riders chose to go swimming in the pristine secluded bays, whilst other simply enjoyed an ice cream on the beach.

Come afternoon it was time for the awards ceremony hosted in the neighboring town of Palau. The local council had set up a big stage in the village amphitheater where a few hundred people turned out to witness the prize giving, party and enjoy the local cuisine.

The awards ceremony commenced at seven o’clock and started with announcing the winners of the Porto Pollo Grand Slam.

The stand out being the amazing victory by young British rider Tom Bridge. riding against others many times his age Tom kept his composure and threw down the best backside 315 of the event which undoubtedly sealed him the deal. We’re really happy to see a young man like Bridge with so much talent competing and we truly think he has big things destined for his future in this sport!

The question everyone was asking for the night was which rider would be crowned the Big Air World Champion, as both Crathern and Martinez were tied on points totals for the year. Crathern had a first and a third result, whilst Martinez had a third and a first.

In the end it came down to the third and final point stated in the rules able to break a tie and that is; who ever placed highest in the most recent event would be awarded the title.

In this case it was Martinez who had placed highest in the last event so it would be Martinez who would be gifted the Big Air World Championship title!

Having also won the Freestyle World Championship, Martinez is not only the first ever Dominican rider taking a world championship title but also one of the very few winning titles in two disciplines (or tours) in the same year.

Crathern put in a huge effort this year, consistently wowing the crowds at events and generally flying the flag high for the Big Air discipline, so we must say a big thank you to Lewis for all his hard work! Both riders were no doubt just as deserving of the title.

As the ceremony wound down the food and wine came out and the music was turned up, riders and locals mingled, talking and dancing late into the night.

Thank you Porto Pollo for having us and gifting us with fantastic competition conditions and thank you to all the riders and staff who turned up and helped support and run this fine event! Until next time! Cheers.

2016 IKA Kiteboarding World Championships Final Results 

Big Air Men:
1st Posito Martinez (DOM / Da Silva) - 1855 pts
2nd Lewis Crathern (GBR / North) - 1855 pts
3rd Marius Hoppe (GER) - 1830 pts
Full rankings: 

Big Air Women:
1st Bibiana Magaji (SVK / Flysurfer) - 2000 pts
2nd Franziska Otth (SUI / Naish) - 915 pts
3rd Ines Correia (POR / North) - 915 pts
Full rankings:

Freestyle Men:
1st Posito Martinez (DOM / Da Silva) - 2040 pts
2ndCarlos Mario (BRA / Slingshot) - 2000 pts
3rd Youri Zoon (NED / Silingshot) - 1915 pts
Full rankings:

Freestyle Women:
1st Estefania Rosa (BRA / Cabrinha) - 2615 pts
2nd Bruna Kajiya (BRA / Airush) - 1915 pts
3rd Annabel Van Westerop (ARU) - 1855 pts
Full rankings:

Wave Riding Men:
1st Pedro Matoz (BRA / North) - 1000 pts
2nd Filippe Ferreira (BRA / F-One) - 915 pts
3rd Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA / North) - 855 pts
Full rankings:

Wave Riding Women:
1st Ines Correia (POR / North) - 1000 pts
2nd Milla Ferreira (BRA / Cabrinha) - 915 pts
3rd Jia Lin Hou (TPE / F-One) - 855 pts
Full rankings:

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Rosa and Martinez win 2016 Freestyle World Championship titles in nailbiting finale Featured

It was a typical start for the second-to-last day of the event, blue skies once again covered the Sardinian coast with a slightly lighter strength breeze than the previous two days. The wind was still very contestable however with most riders using between eleven to fourteen square meter kites.

As the finals had all been run the previous day, today was used to complete the heats for the lower placed rankings. The big question for the day of course being whether Martinez could win two heats and come back for a 5thplace finish and secure himself the world title!

In his first heat Martinez faced fellow Dominican rider Del Rosario, the heat was a strange one with Del Rosario performing almost all of his tricks outside of the box, both riders on the beach and judges were wondering whether this had in fact been scripted from the start? Del Rosario had a cheeky looking smile on his face which makes us think it likely that it was.

Martinez progressed from this first heat to go up against the local Italian rider Contini. This final heat kept everyone on the edge of their seats as it looked like the pressure had maybe got too much for Martinez as he was having trouble landing even some of his  easiest tricks.

It came right down to the wire, only ten seconds before the end of the heat Contini was still in the lead with Martinez only scoring four out of a possible five tricks, Martinez desperately needed another.

With only five seconds to go Martinez managed to pull off a big 315 which sent him into the lead, winning the heat and as such taking out the 2016 Freestyle World Championship Title! The beach erupted in applause as it was announced that Martinez had won the World Title.

Tomorrow is the last day of the competition period here in Sardinia. As the competition is now completely finished the riders can relax and wait for the awards ceremony tomorrow where the winners of this event will be announced formally as well as the winners of the 2016 World Championship titles in both Big Air and Freestyle for Men and Women. Stay tuned for the press release tomorrow with a full summary of all the results and the overall world championship standings!

Results after Day 5 Freestyle Men
Results after Day 5 Freestyle Women
Results after Day 5 Big Air Men
Results after Day 5 Big Air Women

Elimination Ladder and Scores Freestyle
Elimination Ladder and Scores Big Air

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Martinez and Magaji claim Porto Pollo Big Air titles, while Bridge and Rosa win the Freestyle competition Featured

Day four once again saw sunny skies and twenty knot winds to grace the competition area here in beautiful Porto Pollo. It was a big day with all the finals completed and some unlikely upsets in the Mens disciplines.

The Womens Big Air had no real surprises, with tour leader Magaji once again showing her ability to boost big and pull off tricks that not many other Women can do. Magaji strolled through to a deserved first place finish with some high jumps and smooth rotations wowing the judges and crowd.

The Womens Freestyle was also no real surprise with round one Brazilian favorite Rosa showing her dominance against the Big Air champion Magaji. Rosa showed the crowd and judges a graceful display of tricks, including; S-bend to Blind, 313, Backside 313 and Back to Blind, proving she’s deserved of the title. It’s great to see Womens Freestyle progressing over the last few years and we can be sure that Brazil will continue to deliver world class riders.

The Mens Big Air was intense. Judges had a hard time splitting the difference with what has been dubbed the closest heat of the year. Hoppe, Martinez, Crathern and Burgers all put on a show to be remembered, with a combination of Kiteloops, Handlepasses and Board Off maneuvers getting the crowd on their feet cheering them on. The Aruban Burgers was exciting to watch with his signature sketchy style, it appeared that at any moment he could have had a season ending crash but he always seemed to narrowly pull off the trick and ride away clean. Crathern gave the crowd a taste of the style he’s know for, with big Kiteloop Front Rolls and high Triple Front Rolls and Handle-Passes to round it out. Hoppe got creative with a Kiteloop Boardoff towards the end of the heat really impressing the crowd. Martinez was the crowd favourite though, with his signature crazy style, pulling off triple inverted front flips, Double Handle-Passes and Kiteloops. Once the dust had settled it was Martinez who took the first place, with Hoppe in second and Crathern in third place. The points are now super close between Crathern and Martinez for the overall title it will be interesting to see who takes it out this year.

The Mens Freestyle was a real surprise with the Dominican contest favourites Corniel and Martinez both being eliminated from the competition. Corniel now has no chance to win the world championship whilst Martinez will have to secure a 5th place finish if he wants to take it home.

The Final was a British/ Italian affair with Bridge facing Coccoluto. Coccoluto who just finished the Italian nationals previous to this event was in fine form and looked super hungry for the win. Bridge had a pretty rough start, crashing his first three tricks, making it seem as though his head wasn’t really in it. Coccoluto built a strong heat firing off trick after trick, widening his lead over the young Brit. Bridge slowly got some tricks on the board, answering back with similar tricks to Coccoluto but often of a slightly worse execution. As the clock clicked down it looked like Coccoluto had this one in the bag, attempting one of the best 317s the judges had seen this year. However it wasn’t to be as Bridge answered back with a massive Backside 315 of his own getting him the points he needed to narrowly edge out Coccoluto and take home the win for himself! Bridge first, Coccoluto second.

Today was an exciting day of competition; make sure you tune in tomorrow to see how Martinez performs and which riders will take out the World Championship titles here in Beautiful Porto Pollo!

All heats will have live scoring available at once compeition starts.

Results after Day 4 Freestyle Men
Results after Day 4 Freestyle Women
Results after Day 4 Big Air Men
Results after Day 4 Big Air Women

Elimination Ladder and Scores Freestyle
Elimination Ladder and Scores Big Air

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Freestyle and Big Air action kicks off in Porto Pollo Featured

Riders and staff rose to both sunshine and wind this morning.

At the ten o’clock skippers meeting the call was made to start with the Freestyle draw and then move on to the Big Air as the wind was forecast to increase later in the day.

In round one of the Mens Freestyle Corniel was upset by the young British prodigy Tom Bridge, Corniel was sent to round two but managed to take out Hoppe in convincing form securing himself a place in the quarter finals.

Hendrick Burgers also put up a valiant effort against the explosive Dominican rider Martinez, however he fell just short of securing himself a victory. The Aruban was forced into round two where he sealed a pretty convincing win over the Italian rider Cantini with some of his trade mark Front Blind Mobes.

The quarterfinals are where the action will heat up with three man heats all stacked with the best riders.

Both Corniel and Martinez have a great chance of taking out the world championships this event so no doubt the pressure on them will be high. Will there be some more upsets? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

In round one of the Womens Freestyle it was the Brazilian Rosa who showed her dominance, landing clean 313s and S-Bend to Blinds amongst other tricks in challenging conditions. No doubt she will be a favorite for the finals tomorrow.

Magaji the Big Air Womens leader also put on a good display, showing she can hold down a pretty big kite even in the strong wind conditions. The local Italian riders will surely be keen to improve a little upon their performances today, lets see if they can upset the favorites in tomorrows match ups!

The Big Air for both Men and Women was exciting; with the strong and sometimes unpredictable wind putting on a great show for the spectators.

In the Womens Big Air once again tour leader Magaji showed her top form, it will be very unlikely she looses the title tomorrow unless one of her competitors has something hiding under their harness we don’t yet know about.

In the Mens draw Crathern, Hoppe, Martinez and Burgers didn’t disappoint the crowd, with an array of big kiteloops and spins often combined with a handlepass or two in the case of Martinez. 

The Mens semi-finals should prove interesting, with a stacked field of two four man heats all the riders will no doubt be trying their hardest to progress to the finals.

Make sure you tune in for the live stream finals and press release to keep up with the latest results!

All heats will have live scoring available at once compeition starts.

There will be a live video stream available at covering the finals as well.

Results after Day 3 Freestyle Men
Results after Day 3 Freestyle Women
Results after Day 3 Big Air Men
Results after Day 3 Big Air Women

Elimination Ladder and Scores Freestyle
Elimination Ladder and Scores Big Air

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Glorious Sardinian weather ahead of Freestyle and Big Air action in Porto Pollo Featured

Although the wind didn’t show for day one riders were welcomed with glorious Sardinian weather, sunshine, blue skies with the odd whispy cloud, the type of weather you’d right home to Mum about if she wasn’t a kiter!

The ten O’clock skippers meeting ran through the formalities for the week of competition, explaining just how the competition would be run and what the judges are looking for in both Big Air and Freestyle disciplines.
With the forecast looking great for the following days (a slight chance of wind tomorrow afternoon then windy for the rest of the week) it looks like there will be ample time to finish both disciplines and crown the Freestyle and Big Air 2016 World Champions!

Lewis Crathern top ranked Big Air rider said, “I’m really happy to be here the spot and whole area is so beautiful and the food is simply amazing, I’d come back here just to eat the food again I think! haha”. There’s no denying that the food in both the host Hotel and surrounding restaurants and bars is of the highest quality, if there’s one thing that the Italians know how to do right it’s food. Lets just hope it doesn’t weigh these guys down too much for the main event!
With an amazing forecast and clean offshore spot to ride this competition is going to be a good one, make sure you tune into the live heat to heat updates and press releases for the following days to keep up with the latest results.

All heats will have live scoring available at once compeition starts.


Matoz and Correia take wave titles in Pingtan while Crathern and Magaji top Big Air leaderboards Featured

Day two  at the 2016 Pingtan Kiteboarding Grand Slam got off to a somewhat lazy start - as the tide was still very low early on, the decision was made to hold back the competition and wait for better water and wave conditions later on. By 11am the conditions were looking great and the Big Air finals for both Men and Women commenced followed by the Waveriding discipline.
The Womens Big-Air losers final (for 5th place) saw a notable absence of the Brazilian Ferreira who said she was saving her energy for the Waveriding finals. The heat commenced without her and the three Women all fought hard for a place. It was however to be Korean rider Youngeun Lee narrowly inching out the other two Women (Tien and Jantawan) with some lofty big jumps towards the end of the heat securing her an overall 5th place finish.
It was assumed that the Womens final (heat 8) would be an easy win for Magaji given her performance the day earlier, she however got off to a slow start with both Correia and Chen gaining a lead early on with some high jumps and spins off the 4ft waves. Magaji only got things happening around the half way mark showing some nicely controlled Board Off tricks and clean Double Spins. Correia answered back again late with a few nice Kiteloops but it wasn’t enough to match the clean style and height of Magaji, landing Correia in a second place finish with Magaji claiming her first Big Air win for the year.
The Mens semi finals (heats 13, 14) were also exciting to watch, with both heats having a stacked field of riders. The rankings changed many times throughout the heats but there was to be one common factor in both heats and that was; that the two riders who advanced to the winners final were the two riders who both managed to execute high technical jumps in combination with kiteloops, Handlepass and Boardoff maneuvers.

The riders were guided in the skippers meeting that this would be a big factor in close scoring situations and it was clear that the judges decisions today were certainly influenced by this.

The bottom half of the semi finals made up the loosers final (heat 15). There was a notable absence of the Thai rider Yo who sadly injured his ribs during his heat 14 semi final. We hope that Yo is ok and that he can still compete in the Twin-Tip race class in the days to come as he’s been know to do very well there in the past.

It was the two Frenchman however who would battle down to the wire for a 5th place trophy. Both Kerneur and Lhostis went hard with big Kiteloops and Onefoot / Board Off maneuvers, Kerneur getting serious towards the end trying some handlepass manuvers that he hadn’t tried in any heat previous, perhaps trying to swing the judges opinion his way. We’re not sure if it worked but in the end Kerneur narrowly defeated Lhostis by just three points taking out 5th place for the event.
The Mens final was by far their most exciting heat of the day with all four men going massive and looking like it was possible that any of them could take the win. Young Carew from Australia put up a massive effort for his first international event, throwing some of the biggest kiteloops but coming unstuck on some of his other tricks landing him in a 4th place finish.

Posito also looked great in the beginning starting out with a huge couple of handlepass jumps but later crashing out on some big spins and failing to produce a big Kiteloop, which likely aided his 3rd place finish.

The top two men were a step above the other two, noticeably going higher more often and pulling out some wild Kiteloops and large dynamic jumps. One particular Kiteloop had the crowd thinking Crathern may end up in hospital once again, getting caught very late by the kite wowing both spectators and judges alike.

Hoppe on the other hand pulled what was likely the most technical trick of the day, a massive Kiteloop front roll, which we must assumed scored high, but it just wasn’t enough to take out the variety and risk displayed by Lewis. Crathern making some huge Jumps with a Handlepass that Hoppe did not, landing him in a deserved 1st  place with Hoppe in a close 2nd, with Posito and Carew in 3rd and 4th respectively.
The Wave-riding discipline saw conditions very similar to yesterday, with no noticeable increase in wave height or wind strength.

The three-women final was up first, hotly contested by both Correira and Ferreira with Hou trailing behind but giving it her best shot. The Portuguese and Brazilian riders have both been in many events together and no doubt were keen to take out the win today.

Correira had some what of an advantage riding on her frontside down the line while Ferreira was on her backhand making it harder for her to quickly attack the lip. Ferreira gave it her best shot, producing some nice linked together turns but looked less comfortable in comparision to her heats the days previous.

Correira showed a dominant attack from heat start to finish with powerful smooth bottom to top turns which no doubt sealed her 1st place finish, with Ferreira and Hou trailing behind in 2nd and 3rd respectively.
The mens loosers final (heat 15) saw the return of the young Australian Carew once again who was no doubt keen to better on his 4th place finish in the big air just a few heats earlier. It wasn’t to be however as the seasoned Frenchman Ribeiro used his superior wave selection and repertoire, narrowly defeating the Australian by a margin of just over a point.
Heat 16 (the Mens Wave final) was no-doubt the closest heat of the entire competition, with both men swapping positions throughout the heat and continuing to challenge one another to deliver a world championship worthy performance.

Both Men delivered a clinical backhand attack with very little difference between them. Matoz very narrowly had better wave selection and repertoire pulling off the only smooth backhand 360 cutbacks seen in the entire competition.  Ferreira however was trying his best to solidify a first place finish claiming at the end of some rides and attempting some unique tricks of his own; the stand out being what can be described as a backhand backflip off the lip (down the line).

Ferreira tried hard to pull his backflip move off throughout the heat getting super close on two occasions but very un-fortunately only pulling it off on his 13th wave (which was outside his allowed wave count and thus not scoring). Had Ferreira pulled off his backflip he likely would have taken the heat win, as such it resulted that Matoz narrowly took the 1st place victory over Ferreira by a super slim 0.04 points!
With another amazing round of action today the whole team is excited for the great forecast for the rest of the week and the start of the Twin-Tip race category tomorrow. We’re expecting the races to be exciting with such a big field present so make sure to stay up to date with the latest reports!

Final Results Big Air Men:
1. Lewis Crathern (GBR, North) - 94.3pts
2. Marius Hoppe (GER, Core/F2) - 90.7pts
3. Posito Martinez (DOM, Da Silva) - 75.7pts

Final Results Big Air Women:
1. Bibiana Magaji (SVK, Flysurfer) - 89.3pts
2. Ines Correia (POR, North) - 80pts
3. Jingle Chen (CHN, Ozone) - 57.3pts

Final Results Wave Performance Men:
1. Pedro Matoz (BRA, North) - 14.47pts
2. Filippe Ferreira (BRA, F-One) - 14.43pts
3. Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA, North) - 13.67pts

Click here for full results and elimination ladders with heat scores BIG AIR

Click here for full results and elimination ladders with heat scores WAVE

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Pingtan Kiteboarding Grand Slam starts with a big bang Featured

Day one started early for both riders and staff with a first skippers meeting at 830am and the opening ceremony straight afterwards. The Chinese don’t do things in small measures, they always go all out in celebration and this opening ceremony was no exception, top delegates came to sanction the event and show their support for the field of world class athletes.

With low tide in the morning the choice was made to begin with the big air. This was decided open as the waves are generally shaped better throughout the higher tide on Pingtan beach which would better suit the requirements of the Waveriding division.

A solid 20 knots of wind provided a great platform for the Big-Air riders to showcase their skills, with an over-all impression format in use it was imperative that riders show the judges a well-rounded approach to their heats in order to advance to the later rounds.

Round one for the men saw Crathern, Martinez, Kerneur and Hoppe all winning their respective heats and posting up some solid scores. Crathern, Martinez and Hoppe all reached the 80 point mark (out of a possible 100), with Martinez pushing hard to score an 88.3.

All of these men showed a solid combination of big jumps, kiteloops and handle-pass maneuvers to place them at the top of the pack. We shouldn’t underestimate the underdogs but it looks fairly likely that it will also be these four men battling it out for a spot on the podium in the later rounds tomorrow.

On the Womens side of the big-air local rider Chen put on an artistic display in heat one to come in tied for first place with rider Hou. Both Women will advance to the Finals tomorrow coming up against Magaji and Correia from heat two.

It was undoubtedly Magaji though who stole the show for the Women, posting up a 76.6 putting even some of the Men to shame. Magaji showed a well rounded performance with not only High Jumps but also both Boardoffs and big Kiteloops filling out her repertoire and setting her apart from the rest of the field.

As the tide came in so did the Waves and the decision was made to put the Big-Air on hold in favor of the Waveriding discipline.

The waves were hotly contested with a sporadic beach break prevalent through out the competition area. Riders were tested on not only their board skills but also on their ability to read and choose the correct wave to catch in order to maximize their scoring potential.

Riders Matoz, Ribeiro, Ferreira and Kerneur all placed first in their round one heats respectively advancing straight to the semi-final round. With all three besides Kerneur posting a score in the 14s (for a two wave total) it was clear that it would be tight in the final rounds.

Carew and Brito were the two lucky riders who pushed through the second chance round two to meet the four winners from round one.

Heat 13 saw a super close battle between Matos and Ribeiro with both surfers exchanging blows wave by wave, however it would be Matos taking out Ribeiro with what can only be described as his signature clinical vertical backhand attack.

In Heat 14 Carew as the underdog managed to better his position by narrowly edging out the competition vetran Kerneur by half a point for a place in the loosers final and a chance at a third place finish tomorrow.

However Ferreira got the upper-hand in the heat 14 exchange with his smooth approach pushing him into a final round match up tomorrow where his skills will be tested against the precise vertical attack of Matos. There’s no doubt that these final two heats will be exciting to watch!

Over on the Womens side the Waves were largely dominated by both Correira and Ferreira the Portuguese and Brazilian duo. These two Ladies showed a rail game that some of the men could even learn a thing or two from and they no doubt will have their eyes set on the prize in the final heat tomorrow.

Hou came through the consolidation round to meet the two in the final tomorrow but will have a hard time against these veteran athletes. It will be interesting to see how they all perform in the one heat and whether or not they can continue their form with the added pressure on their shoulders.

Overall Day One provided competitors with conditions that were about as good as it gets here in Pingtan.

We hope that these conditions continue into tomorrow so we can finish both Wave and Big Air disciplines concentrating on the competitor heavy Twin-Tip field in the days to come.

Click here for full results and elimination ladders with heat scores BIG AIR

Click here fore full results and elimination ladders with heat scores WAVE

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Calendar Update: Final to be held in famous Porto Pollo Featured

Halfway through another challenging season, the 2016 IKA Kiteboarding World Championships calendar has been updated with the possible line up of events for the second half of the year.

While the final event - where the 2016 World Champions will be crowned - has been confirmed to be held in Porto Pollo from 16 to 22 October 2016, the upcoming three events in Germany, Morocco and China are still to be confirmed. We hope to have final confirmation in the next few weeks.

Porto Pollo is probably one of the windiest spots in Europe, and the event site features prevailing side/side-offshore winds often reaching 30-40 knots in perfectly flat water.

Freestyle and Big Air is scheduled to be held at the Final, with a total of 50.000 EUR prize money up for grabs.

Also, at the World Championships Final, the 2016 World Champions in both disciplines will be crowned. Currently the ranking consists of the successful events in El Gouna and Leucate.

The Notice of Race has been updated to reflect the changes in the calendar. There is also an improved elimination ladder for Freestyle and a few minor changes in the assignments of tricks to the trick categories, so it is definitely worth having a read.

Registration will open soon. Accomodation options will also available in the nearby surfers village.

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